Advertise on Digital Kids

Advertise on Digital Kids and have your brand and products seen by technology-savvy parents and their kids.

Digital Kids is a relatively new website. I’ve owned the domain for some time, and I’ve experimented a bit with the site, but it is only now that I am putting more effort into the website to try to build up the content and increase our exposure in search engine listings. Obviously, in these early stages of the website’s growth, it doesn’t make sense for you to invest funds up front with little hope of return (because of limited traffic) — there’s no use in trying to fool you. Any halfway-savvy internet marketer would be asking questions about traffic before committing advertising funds.

But in these initial stages of the website’s growth, we are open to using the advertising areas of our site to promote affiliate relationships.

If you have an affiliate program and are interested in partnering with Digital Kids to reach a growing audience of parents and children interested in technology products, please feel free to contact me.