Sun 28 Jan 2007



I was reading the BetaChurch blog a couple of days ago and came across this article about IMSafer, a new service which helps keep our children safe when they are using instant messaging applications in their computer.

The service will notify parents of IM conversations which our children are having with potentially dangerous people. Here is part of what IMSafer says about their solution:

IMSafer monitors the instant messenger conversations of your children to help you balance protecting your children and respecting their privacy. The IMSafer service will only notify you when your child is engaged in a potentially dangerous conversation on IM.

At IMSafer, we have worked with law enforcement officials to learn how potential predators initiate, develop and maintain inappropriate online relationships with children. We are always working to fine tune and update our analysis engine.

My 11-year-old-daughter doesn’t yet use an instant messaging app (we’re a bit behind the times, I know), but I know that she will want to soon. So seeing this service was timely for our family. We’ve signed up and I’ll be talking to our daughter about it and how it can help keep her safe in the online world.

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